Jump Force Anime Mugen Apk APK

Jump Force Anime Mugen Apk 2021

App By:
2.3 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 23, 2021
1.5 GB
Required Android:
Android 4.1 or Higher
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Jump Force Anime Mugen Apk is another fan-made fighting game created by Trafalgerlav using the Mugen engine. The title refers to the upcoming anime crossover game that will be released by Bandai Namco in February 2019. You may already know the creator of other great pet games, such as: b. Dragon Ball EX Mogan, Dragon Ball FighterZ climax or winner.

Game Style

Team Play - Team Play has two sub-modes, the first Team Arcade and the second Team CPU. Team Arcade - In this you can choose a maximum of 3 characters and there is a fixed number of levels that you can win. CPU vs. Team - This is just one phase and you can even pick your opponent with 3 favourite combat characters.

Single Play - Like Team Play, Single Play also has two sub-modes, Single Arcade and Single Vs. C.P. U.S. The arcade has 10 levels to win and the CPU has only levels and you can even pick your enemy.

Options - there you can control the difficulty level, change the joystick-style, turn sound effects on and off, increase or decrease the level of the health bar, increase or decrease the rounding time, set the screen type.

Training - Observe and learn all combo and attack key combinations. Learn combat techniques such as defence, counterattack, dodging, guarding and more.

Credits - The Credits section shows the names of the developers who created this for us

Anime Mugen apk characters

Goku Base - This Mugen apk has a new model of Goku Base in which it turned on Super San 3 during the last attack. During a special attack, it transforms into Super Sion. Super San 3 attacks Goku on the enemy with a dragon fist and damages about half of his health.

Freeza - Freeza is a new dragon ball character in this game. You can't find Freeza vs. Bleach vs. Naruto and no other version of this game. Fiza presents the Death Beam Attack as its speciality and transforms into the final freeze on the final attack.

In other animations, you will find Naruto Final Form, Saitama One Punch Man and Monkey De Luffy with 4G Gear. They all use their original anime attack and transform the cannon.

Zamasu and Black Goku - Black Goku uses Rose Kameha Ha and Hand Blade Attack as Super and Ultimate. Fused Zamasu uses his real divine anime moves.

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