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Pompacı Simulator Apk 2021

App By:
Lion Studios
v1.2 para Android
Atualizado em:
jul 05, 2021
20.1 MB
Android obrigatório:
Android 5.0 +
Official Website:
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Lance Games developed Pumper Simulator, also known as Pumper Simulation. The game was made in Turkey, as it is known. In developing the Pumper Simulator, the game's developers were inspired by gas station workers. That's why you and your friends manage a gas station in the game. Running a gas station can be very successful and earn you a lot of money, or you can make less money than your friends and be content with where you are. Your decision is yours. Getting as much money as you want is possible if you successfully complete the missions in the game!

Play the Pumper Simulator Apk game and fill up your car at the most convenient gas station! With this fun and addictive simulation game, find out what it's like to run your own gas station! Be a mechanic, cashier, or employee at the gas station.

Gas up at the most convenient gas station around! In this exciting and addicting simulation game, you'll get the feeling of owning your own filling station! Become a cashier, a mechanic, or an attendant at a gas station. Your management skills are excellent! As you complete the challenges, you are going to encounter a variety of customers, but your first priority is to get their satisfaction.


Pumper Simulator supports what languages?

  • The Turks
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Russische
  • China
  • Italicized
  • Français
  • Deutsch

Features of the game:

  • Gas up vehicles.
  • Fuel your vehicle properly. If you don't want unhappy customers, don't put the nozzle!

How to Use?

You are the app user or game player, so u want to use the application on your own devices. If your aura beginner or don't know about app use, so you can learn here about the use of app/game with mobile and other operating system installation. This app has very easy to use before using this app you must want to download apk file after download installs it safely. After installation opens then you can get a lot of buttons, a menu bar, an exiting button, and another useful button. With the help of this instruction, you can use the app or play the game.

How to Download?

1. Search the name app or game on google.

2. Go to Apkfaster official website.

3. Click on the download blue button.

4. Download started to wait.

5. Download complete save on file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Do you like this game?

A. If you want to be able to play this game, you can just download the game by clicking on the link below to download the data, and then just click on the application to install the application.

Q. How I download this app?

A. Download to this app simply clicks the download button.

Q. Do you like this game on iOS?

A. You can also add this game to your iOS device.

Q. Do you want to play this game on PC?

A. You can, however, make this game have more beta versions of the beta, to support PC users.

Q. Is this safe?

A. Yes, this app is totally safe and secure.



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☛ Minen Tsela

It's great, you open it and you already find all the apps there which saves a lot of time really and that's just cool. But it doesn't necessarily install everything, but that was just one thing out of eleven though, which isn't in the play store, to begin with, but it did install other two from the same p

☛ Foxworth Barly

Good app, but gives me way more than I need. Local files are all I'm interested in but this app gives you so many options for downloading apps you do not need. They could do away with the extra nonsense to make it a 5-star app.

☛ Alshiti roan

Great app I use it to install all kinds of stuff!!!! I do suggest to the makers of the app to make apps installable though because it says it's corrupt but other than that it's great.

☛ Chrisman con

If "Good application available" displays when trying to install apps, then just open "APK Installer" Problem solved!

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